How to Unleash Your Child’s Creative Side

It may seem ironic that children learn through creative play, but research has proven that preschoolers are able to solve problems using critical thinking, express opinions and ideas that would not normally surface in a face-to-face conversation, and learn to take risks through creative expression. Although often paired with art, creative expression need not contain a paintbrush or clay. Here are some ideas to promote creativity through self-expression from Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep:

  • Make No Directions: That may seem counter-productive, but by allowing your child to do whatever he or she would like in their art, you allow them to develop the ability to self-express. Part of the creative process is taking risks and making mistakes, so be sure to keep directions to a minimum.
  • Choose Materials Carefully: Do not choose coloring books or paint-by-number type of material. Remember that a blank piece of paper allows a child to discover their own creativity.
  • Don’t Limit it to Just Art: Letting children discover their creativity does not have to be confined to just art. For example, if you and your child are taking a walk outside, have him or her take a journal and write down the colors they see, the sounds they hear, and the smells they smell.

When parents break down the walls of structure, children experience life to the fullest. By focusing on learning rather than perfection, your child learns through doing, giving him or her more focus, competence, optimism, and perseverance, both inside and outside of their Orlando private school.

As fine motor skills develop, give your child a piece of paper and a chunky crayon and see what is on his or her mind. The results may be fascinating. Research has proven the factors that encourage emotional health are those that also inspire creativity. Through creativity, children learn to explore and fulfill their sense of curiosity. It shows that you support her or his endeavors and empowers them to learn on their own. Give your children encouragement as they discover the joys of learning through creative activities.

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