Turn Your Backyard Into a Waterpark

Turn Your Backyard Into a Waterpark

There’s no denying that summer in Orlando is incredibly warm, leaving most families seeking refuge in the air conditioning. Fortunately, there are more ways to cool off during the heat of the summer than settling in front of the television. Before your child heads to summer camp at their Orlando private school, let them have some fun in the sun, and transform your backyard into a waterpark. Though it may sound complicated, creating a backyard waterpark is easier than you might think — all it takes is a bit of creativity! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stock Up on Water Balloons

Water balloons are one of the easiest ways to help keep your children active while also cooling them down. However, instead of sticking to the standard water balloon fight, try incorporating them into fun games like water balloon baseball. All you need is a plastic bat. Your children will be able to practice their batting skills while enjoying the satisfactory feeling of refreshing water balloons exploding on impact.

Build a Slippery Obstacle Course

Part of the fun of traditional waterparks is being able to scramble through walls of water and climb over simple obstacles as you do it. All you need to create your own obstacle course is a few foam pool noodles, a long tarp, and an inflatable kiddie pool. Arrange the noodles so your children have to maneuver through them. To add to the fun, arrange your sprinklers along the side of the course. At the end of the obstacles, set up a slip and slide using the tarp. Take care to keep the tarp wet at all times, so your children can slide across it without getting brush burn from the material. Arrange the inflatable pool at the end of the slip and slide so your children slide into it softly, dunking themselves in refreshing water!

Make Your Own Sprinklers

Standard sprinklers are a staple for cooling off during the summer, but not all yards are equipped with this handy irrigation system. With a little bit of work, you can transform your garden hose into a unique and fun sprinkler experience. First, pick up a few thin PVC pipes and corner joints at the local hardware store. Using an ice pick or power drill, make thin holes along one side of the pipes. Connect the pipes using the corner joints until it forms a square and run the garden hose into the PVC pipe. Once the hose is on, water will shoot up through the holes made in the PVC, creating a wall of water that children and adults can both run through and enjoy!  

Keeping your children entertained this summer doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Inviting their friends over for weekly games or waterpark experiences is a great way to keep them entertained. For more tips on keeping your kids engaged this summer, check out our blog!

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