Help Your Child Focus at the End of the School Year

pen-writing-notes-studyingOnce the weather starts warming up and the end of the school year is in sight, students begin to lose their focus. Instead of focusing on the coursework in front of them, they spend their time daydreaming of the adventures that summer is sure to bring. Luckily, there are plenty of activities parents can do at home to make sure their child finishes the school year strong.

  1. Schedule Breaks

Your child may simply need a break to clear his or her head. Schedule time after school for your son or daughter to play outside before beginning their homework. Students can then take another break for dinner with the family before finishing up any remaining assignments.  

  1. Create a Checklist

While early grades may only have one or two homework assignments, older grades will have more. A checklist is a great way to keep kids focused on the tasks at hand and make sure that no assignment is forgotten. The best part is, your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when everything is crossed out.  

  1. Remove Distractions

Distractions are the biggest reason students lose focus when trying to complete their homework. Turn off the television, place cell phones in a separate room, and only allow your child to use their computer, laptop, or tablet if they are required to do research for a school paper. Once their homework is complete, they can go back to indulging in their favorite show or interacting with peers on social media.

  1. Assign a Reward

Younger children respond well to a rewards systems, so you may want to consider using one. Create a chart and issue a sticker for each completed homework assignment. After 10 stickers, they can earn their first reward. This can be anything from going out for ice cream to making the child’s favorite meal to picking out the movie on family movie night.

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