Celebrate Fourth of July With These 3 Activities

It’s almost Independence Day! In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, and each year since, we’ve celebrated the United States of America. Since the kids aren’t in their Orlando private school during this summer break, there is definitely room for some fun and educational activities that commemorate this important holiday. From crafts to science experiments, there is an activity that will pique the interest of your child.

  • Liquid Fireworks

These fireworks are a safe and equally mesmerizing option for younger children. This experiment demonstrates how oil and water interact and the impact of relative density. For this activity, fill a jar with water. Have your child pour two tablespoons of oil into a measuring cup, and then ask them to add five drops of each of the following colors: red, blue, and yellow. Stir the colors into the oil, and pour the entire mixture into the jar at once.

Over time, the oil and food coloring floats to the top, but keep watching! The food coloring will eventually move back into the water in long, graceful strings of water, and the colors will separate. Take this time to talk about what is happening within the jar, and look forward to the real fireworks later in the day!

  • Patriotic Pinwheel

Invite the kids to help decorate before a Fourth of July party! Using a square piece of paper, have the children color one side with stars and one side with stripes. Talk about the meaning of the flag while they color. Then, draw lines from corner to corner of the square. Cut on those lines towards the middle, but stop about ½ an inch from the middle of the paper. Draw a small X on the right corner of each section, and then bend those corners into the center. Secure the pinwheel with a pin pushed through the paper and into an eraser. Then, talk with your children about how the wind powers the pinwheel.

  • Creative Painting

Get the creative juices flowing by helping your child paint some beautiful fireworks! You can provide a canvas, or even just a simple paper plate. Be sure to cover the table in some newspaper, because painting can get messy! Have children research how fireworks work and the colors of fireworks they want to paint. Provide their favorite colors, and invite them to paint using a number of tools: fingers, brushes, or even a a little plastic bag crumpled into a firework-shaped circle.

With these activities, children can celebrate Fourth of July, but they can also learn the importance and history of the holiday. It also serves as great quality time between parents and children. For more summer activity ideas, read our blog. To inquire about Orlando private school options for your child, contact us today!

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