5 Reasons to Sign Your Children up for Summer Camp

Once school ends and summer begins, time seems to slow as your child has more free time than ever. It’s the perfect time to go to a camp. Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes; some are sleepaway camps that can last multiple weeks in another state, and others are day camps that can last as short as a week. There are camps for every interest, but is sending your kid to a summer camp something that interests you? For a developing child, summer camp has multiple benefits by keeping them active, learning, and growing, so before you make a decision for your Orlando private school student’s summer, learn about these positive impacts.

  • No Screens

When children have a whole summer season to play outside and interact with other kids their age, it would be a waste to exchange that valuable time in front of a screen. Camps offer a fun and exciting environment sans technology.

  • Physical Activity

Camps are great for keeping your child moving this summer by hosting sports and activities like soccer, basketball, tag, a ropes course, and so much more. These games also promote healthy competition in a wide variety of activities that help children build self-esteem.

  • Friends

Making friends is a huge part of camp. Your child will have the opportunity to meet a whole new group of people that they can practice befriending. Even if these friends leave after camp ends, the camper will still have had the experience of making friends and interacting, or maybe they end up making true friends whose friendship extend after camp for years after.

  • Independence

Camps often offer free time where the camper can choose which activity they wish to participate in. This gives them independence and autonomy in deciding what to do with their own time.

  • Skills

Many camps have classes or activities where children have the chance to learn new skills or develop existing ones. These skills could be as obscure as weaving to gymnastics, and there are camps that specialize in specific skills such as a soccer or math camp.

Summer camp and all of its benefits make it a great choice for spending those long summer months and making the most out of them. One great summer camp option is Lake Forrest Prep’s very own Elementary Star Camp, so you child can keep spending time at their favorite Orlando private school with their friends. This day camp has all sorts of fun activities and each week even has a fun theme. So when considering camp options, know that there is a great one right in your neighborhood!

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