9 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is approaching in the first week of May, so make sure you take the time to show your teacher how much you care. There are so many options for what you can give your Orlando private school teacher, so get creative with these teacher appreciation ideas.

A Letter

One of the most thoughtful ways to show your teacher appreciation is by using your own words to say thank you. The most straightforward way to do this is by writing a letter. Tell your teacher how much they mean to you, give an example or two, and add in a couple illustrations if you wish. You could also make a colorful card like a high-five card: a card with your handprint and high-five written above it. You could even get your whole class in on the gift and make a scrapbook with pictures, words of appreciation, and little mementos from class to present to your teachers.


For a fun activity and a creative gift, try crafting. There are so many ways to get creative. One option is to give your teacher some classroom supplies she might need by giving it to her in a decorated mason jar. You could fill it with chalk, expo markers, sharpies, or any other supplies she always needs, and then tie it with a ribbon. You could also decorate a frame and put a picture of your teacher and you in it. For the teacher who is never without a book, you could make colorful bookmarks.


If you know more about your teacher’s interests, you have the opportunity to get her/him something specific to her likes. For example, if your teacher loves baking, you could give her an oven mitt gift: an oven mitt that contains a mixing spoon and a package of dry cake (or other desserts) mix. Or if your teacher is a movie aficionado, you could make a little movie gift basket with a movie and popcorn. For gardening, fill a plant pot with seed packets and a shovel, and to make it a little more personal, you can decorate the pot!

There are so many ways to show appreciation for your teachers, but never forget that the best way to show appreciation is by being a great pupil. Participate in class, volunteer, and have a good attitude to show your teacher that you care about him or her and the lessons. Don’t forget that teacher appreciation week is coming up, so use these ideas to show your Orlando private school teacher how much you appreciate them.

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