Encouraging Your Child to End the School Year Strong

It seems like the New Year was just a short time ago, but in reality, the end of the school year is coming quickly! For Orlando private school students, that means summer is coming, and that summer excitement might be distracting them from the last stretch of schoolwork. So, how do you get your child to focus and finish the year strong?

  • Start a Countdown: Make a countdown or advent calendar listing the remaining days of school, and as each day passes, have your child mark off another day. This will get them excited about accomplishing each day of hard work while also recognizing the approaching summer.
  • Take Interest: After so many days of school, it might be easy to forget to engage with your child and ask questions about what they are learning. If you take an interest in what they are working on or studying, then your child will be more likely to be interested themselves.
  • End of School Shopping: Remember the excitement of going back to school shopping? Buying all of those pencils, erasers, and folders gets a student excited to go back to school, so bring that enthusiasm back for the last few weeks. Go end-of-school shopping to give your child that extra push to use their new pencil set to dominate their schoolwork.
  • Keep the Routine: Late summer nights may offer the perfect excuse to stay up with the sun, but for your child, it’s important to keep the same bedtime routine to keep them on target as the school year winds to a close.
  • Share Positivity: If you are excited about the fast approaching summer then your child will likely adopt your attitude, so switch it up. Talk positively about school and be enthusiastic when your child tells you about what they are working on, and soon your child’s focus will return to school and not summer.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement for summer and even easier for your child, so work together to find the way that gets you both focused on schoolwork and finish the year out strong at your Orlando private school. Then you can reward yourself with long, lazy summer days.

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