Preparing for Achievement Testing

For some students, standardized testing environments can invoke anxiety and uncomfortable feelings. With thoughtful effort, that anxiety can be at least partially relieved. Lake Forrest Prep is hosting achievement testing April 17-21, and with these tips, your Orlando private school student can perform to the best of their abilities at their lowest stress levels possible.

In Advance

There are a variety of ways the parents can help students manage test stress far in advance. First, be an involved parent. Ensure your child is actively participating in school, and if they are, testing is likely to be less intimidating. Then, once you become aware of an upcoming standardized test, take a bit of time to help your student prepare. You both should understand what the test is and how results may impact your child or school. After that, try to manage any anxiety you may have. Oftentimes, children get their cues from their parents. If you are excited with anticipation, rather than anxious, your student likely will be too.

The Night Before

With a standardized test coming up, take some time to ensure your child is ready for testing day. Prepare their lunch with healthy, brain-boosting options. Make sure they get to bed early and have plenty of sleep. Lastly, talk with them and see if they are stressed. If they are, talk it out and share your excitement.

The Morning Of

When your child wakes up and is getting ready for school, instill a positive attitude in them. Make sure they arrive at school on time and have all the supplies they might need.

After the Test

Talk with your child to see how they felt it went. If you get access to the results, you can talk about them with your child. If your child feels they need to improve in any specific area, come up with a plan and set goals in order to see change.

Standardized testing can cause anxiety in some Orlando private school students, but it certainly doesn’t need to. See how these tips work for your child during achievement testing, and check out our blog for more parenting resources!

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