The Importance of Music and Your Child’s Development

When looking back at our own music education in school, we may wonder why we learned hot cross buns on the recorder or why we had all of those piano lessons. As it turns out, musical education is more impactful than previously thought. Scientific studies actually show that learning music is highly beneficial to a child’s development and gives them an edge in life. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, understands the value of a music education and offers it in our curriculum so that every student has the advantages that music brings. But, what are the benefits of a music education?

Brain Power

Music training helps strengthen different parts of the brain such as language development, spatial intelligence, and an overall increase in standardized testing scores.

  • Language Development: By learning how to read music, the part of the brain that processes language is primed to grow and develop which leads to social competency.
  • Spatial Intelligence: Science has found a causal link between music education and spatial intelligence. Spatial intellect is the ability to visualize things in your mind (like equations) and perceive their surroundings.
  • Test Scores: Studies have been done that show students involved in a strong music program had standardized test scores averaging about 20% higher than students without a music education. Even SAT and IQ scores are shown to raise with a music education.

Life Skills: From cooperation to creativity, music prepares students with skills that can aide them in more formal education and even career aspirations.

  • Work Ethic: Being a good music player takes hard work, and by studying, music students learn how to practice and improve their music. This dedication to craft and a sense of accomplishment will stay with them as they tackle non-musical ambitions.
  • Creativity: Attributes like creativity and curiosity are also shown to improve with musical training. This leads to students learning creative problem solving and wanting to increase their knowledge.
  • Self Expression: Music education actually aids students in learning communication to express themselves better and ultimately leads to higher self-esteem.

Music education has multiple benefits to a growing child, but its largest benefit comes from giving students the capacity to learn and grow. Music can aid with mental health, neural activity, and, at the end of the day, teaches a student how to play an instrument. Music is a valuable component of any good school, and Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, delivers just that so all of its students can improve and enjoy learning as they grow up.

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