How to Help Your Child Come out of His or Her Shell

Being shy is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, about half of Americans consider themselves to be introverted or shy. Being shy might just be in your child’s nature in which case you should be supportive, but often, children are thwarted by shyness when encountering new situations. It is important for children to learn how to deal with new situations without being deterred by a fear of the unknown. Therefore, Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has arranged some advice on how to help your child come out of his shell and be prepared to take on the new and strange.

Prepare for New Situations

When new situations arise, such as starting at school, you may find your child stuck to your side and unable to take on the new environment. Firstly, you must remain patient as your child learns to adjust to new surroundings, and secondly, you can help him or her prepare for such occurrences. Shy children need time to acclimate, and you can help. Understand that your child is shy, and then spend some time prepping them for new situations. Is your child starting school soon? Then maybe arrange a playdate with some future classmates or practice driving to school before it even starts to get your child warmed up. By being prepared for a change it will be easier for your child to overcome their timidity.

Increase Socialization

If you child’s shyness is more apparent in socialization than new environments, a great way to give them the socialization practice and tools they need is to sign them up for sports or other extracurricular activities. By signing up your child for something like soccer, they can get to know their teammates by working toward a common goal, and even more solitary sports like tennis are also effective at letting your child shine and build up the confidence that they can carry with them outside of the court. If your child isn’t that interested in sports, than activities like dance or music also provide interaction and structure they can use to come out of their shell.


Shyness is nothing to be overly worried about, but a boost of confidence goes a long way. When a child learns how to acclimate to new situations and socialize with other children without being stopped by shyness, then they have the tools they need to conquer the world. Lake Forrest Prep believes in the value of every student and is an Orlando private school that prioritizes the learning of their students. For more information on Lake Forrest Prep or new resource articles, check out our website.

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