Make Spelling a Breeze

It’s true; spelling can be a frustrating subject for many students. This is especially true if a student forgets words easily or switches letters while writing. Students who need a little more help in spelling need to do activities that are positive and engaging. Otherwise, a negative attitude regarding spelling will occur. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best private schools in Orlando, wants to share some strategies you can use to make spelling a fun and interesting subject.


Repetition is a common method within spelling, but tracing, drawing, or painting is a way to reinforce spelling in a fun way. You can invite your child to finger paint words, which is a refreshingly informal way to study spelling. You can also have children write the words with their eyes closed which may help them think more closely about the letters they are using.

Create a Story

Writing can certainly help your child become a better speller, and writing a story about something engaging and interesting can help your child feel excited about words. Children can even draw out stories and then write captions.

Write a Letter

In today’s day and age, an actual letter is a novelty. Writing to a friend or relative is a unique way to allow your children to practice their writing skills.

Use Vocal and Reading Skills

Oftentimes, good readers are good spellers. Sit with your child as they read a chapter from their favorite book or simple pages from a children’s book. Reading out loud will help children learn to pronounce various words and reading them will make the words more familiar and expand your child’s vocabulary. Additionally, spending half an hour reading with your child is an opportunity for rich, quality time.

Study Incrementally

It’s not a good idea to sit down with a full list of spelling words to learn the night before the spelling quiz. Take a little time each day to work on spelling words and make sure that spelling remains a positive subject for your child.

Spelling doesn’t have to be a frustrating subject for students. With your involvement and support, along with some unique study ideas, spelling can become a fun subject that your child excels in. One of the best private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, is hosting a spelling bee this January! Be sure not to miss it. For more information, visit our online calendar or give us a call at (407) 331-5144.

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