Goal Setting is Critical for Children

Throughout life, people constantly set and achieve goals. Establishing goal-setting behaviors early in life helps children develop other positive traits. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, realizes the importance of goal setting and tries to help their students become goal oriented. When children set and attempt to achieve goals, it impacts them in a multitude of positive ways.


When children learn to identify, set, and work towards a goal, they focus on that goal. Practicing focus helps make children better decision makers and will help them focus on other tasks like homework.


Setting and working towards a goal gives goal setters a purpose. This is no different for children. When children feel like they are working towards a goal or purpose, and especially if they achieve their goals, their self-esteem increases. Concurrently, their self-confidence is enhanced. Goal setting gives children a sense of meaning.


Setting and achieving goals helps to instill intrinsic motivation within a child. Intrinsic motivation involves engaging in an activity because it is personally rewarding. Extrinsic motivation involved working towards something in order to earn a reward or avoid a punishment. Intrinsic motivation will help children achieve what they want throughout their life.

Peace of Mind

For many children, especially those in the middle grades, life can be full of activities, classes, homework, and time spent with friends. Laying out goals can actually give children peace of mind and help them set priorities within their busy lives.

Goal setting results in the development of many positive traits in children. Goal-oriented people are able to think critically, plan ahead, and take action. There are ways that you can help your child establish a more goal-oriented mindset. Think of goal setting as a daily routine similar to brushing teeth or reading. Sit down with your child and think critically about attainable and appropriate goals. From school grades to playing time on the school football team, every child’s goals will be different, but learning to establish them is always important.

Lake Forrest prep is a leading Orlando private school that has been working to create goal-oriented students since 1991. Our school puts a strong focus on the development of character and character curriculum. To learn more about Lake Forrest Prep or our educational or character curriculum, schedule a tour today!

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