Winter Extra-Curricular Activities at Lake Forrest Prep

Lake Forrest Prep is an Orlando private school that embraces extra-curricular activities, and we have a whole slew of winter activities on the agenda that your child can take part in. Extra-curricular activities can help to develop a stronger mind, an advantage in professional skills, a wider social circle, strong time management skills, and an allowance for him or her to explore potential interests outside of an academic context. We encourage our students to explore the many extra-curricular activities that we have to offer, so let’s explore some winter activities, shall we?

Piano Lessons

Miss Teresa Benner is an elementary and middle school music teacher, and she is offering private and group piano lessons for students in grades two through eight.

Intramural Basketball

Basketball is a great sport for students who is interested in learning team building skills, teamwork, hand and eye coordination, and physical fitness. If your child hasn’t tried any sports before, then this is a good place to start!


Cheerleading is a fun activity for girls to take part in so they can bond with other girls, learn flexibility and endurance, and learn coordination skills and choreography.


Think your child has a voice of an angel (or could have one with a little training and coaching)? Get him or her involved in chorus, which is a great way to allow your child to explore of he or she enjoys singing.

If your child may be interested in extra-curricular activities, then you will want to explore our extra-curricular activities page on our website, and see if anything we have going on will suite your child’s interest. We believe that character building begins at a very young age. Character is what helps children become strong leaders. At Lake Forrest Prep, all of our teachers, including those in preschool, participate in our character building curriculum. We understand that a child’s character is just as important as his or her academic performance.

We recognize the importance of instilling good character traits in children at a young age and fostering it through the elementary and middle school years. As Orlando private school students leave Lake Forrest, not only do they have a solid academic foundation, but they also have strong values and character. Each month Lake Forrest Prep focuses on a different character trait including caring, respect, cooperation, trustworthiness, compassion, tolerance, citizenship, responsibility, and self-control.

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