Four Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

Exam time is right around the corner with the first semester finally coming to a close by the end of 2016. Orlando private school parents know and understand that exam time requires a lot of attention and coaching from parents to their children in order to make sure their children are prepared. Standardized testing and exams alike require discipline, preparation, and focus, and it’s important that you prepare your children for this so they can perform well. As parents, you can implement a number of ways to support your children before and after their exams or testing, as well as support the habits they develop along the way.

Before the Exams

Be Prepared

The more prepared your child is going into the exam, the better and more confidently he or she will perform. Make sure you get the necessary information about what to expect on the test, what subject matter will be covered, what the scoring system will be like, and when the test is scheduled for. Going over these details repeatedly will definitely give your child the confidence to go in and ace the exam.

Focus on Areas of Difficulty

Find out what areas of the test or subject matter that will be covered in the test your child is not comfortable in. You may even know what subject your child has struggled with in the  past, and this should be a large area of focus for you as you help your child study. You may be able to find a practice test administered by the teachers, and use that as an opportunity to focus on the areas of weakness rather than his or her strengths so that he or she doesn’t become complacent.

On Test Day

Be Well Rested and Eat Healthy

Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a breakfast that is healthy and satisfying so he or she can go into the test feeling the best that he or she possibly can. There are several teachers who report that the reason students don’t do well on tests is because they don’t get sufficient sleep or haven’t eaten breakfast. Make sure your child does both to ensure that he or she is working at full capacity.

Remain Positive

Positivity can work wonders, especially with impressionable children. Create a calm environment for your child and try to keep him or her from feeling anxious. Practice some meditation or relaxation techniques that he or she can bring into the testing environment.

At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading Orlando private school, we encourage parents to be a big part of their children’s education. If your child has an exam coming up, make sure to follow these tips to help him or her prepare. If you’re interested in a positive learning environment for your child and are interested in Lake Forrest Prep, schedule a school tour today!

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