Four Ways to Entertain Children During Winter Break

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Your Orlando private school student is likely ready for their endeared winter break. They are looking forward to a break from their days in a classroom! While this time might be very exciting for your children, it might cause you a little stress. It is sometimes difficult to keep children entertained, especially when they are used to a daily routine. Make this holiday break one of your children’s most memorable with these tips.


  • Participate in physical activities. The kids aren’t cooped up in a classroom, so let them take advantage of that! Get out of the house and find some physical activities to do. Go for a bike ride, take a trip to the beach, or do some holiday shopping. Get your kids up and moving.
  • Keep their minds busy. During breaks from school, some children lose part of what they have learned in school. Keep your children cognitively engaged throughout their winter break. Complete a variety of holiday crafts, coloring, and maybe even work on a family scrapbook. This allows your children to keep their minds active, and it allows the whole family to spend some quality time together.
  • Seek out new experiences. Winter break is the perfect time to expose your children to new experiences and ideas. Here in Orlando, we have an abundance of museums, historical places, art galleries, and other sights to see. Check out the Orlando Science Center, the Orlando Museum of Art, and the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe, just to name a few. If museums and art are not what you are interested in, you can expose your children to new ideas through other mediums like movies and music.
  • Give back to the community. After all, it is the holiday season! The Orlando area offers various opportunities to assist those in need. By giving back to the community, your children can end their winter break feeling fulfilled. Check out Hands On Orlando for volunteer opportunities like feeding the homeless, sorting food at local food banks, and hosting a birthday party for homeless children.


Winter break doesn’t need to be stressful for parents. These tips will help you entertain your Orlando private school student and create lasting memories. Browse our blogs for more parenting tips, or contact us online for more information about  Lake Forrest Prep.

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