Tech in the Classroom: Complementing Your Child’s Education

If you visit any Orlando private school website, you will likely see a long list of all sorts of technology being used in the classroom. But how can you truly tell that the technology is positively impacting your child? Multiple factors influence the impact of technology on the classroom. Luckily, there are some questions and considerations you can take to better understand the impact of technology on your child’s education.

As Always, Teachers are Incredibly Important

Your school can have all the cutting edge technology in the world, but if teachers don’t know how or aren’t comfortable using it, there will be no real impact. When determining the impact of technology in your child’s education, ask how teachers are trained on technology. Don’t be afraid to ask your child’s teacher how they use specific technology, why they chose particular applications, or how their SMART Board is used differently than a regular board. Most teachers are enthusiastic about the integration of technology into the classroom and will want to share that information with you! Teachers who use technology in new and creative ways can directly impact your child’s learning.

Learn About the Access Your Child Has to Technology

In order to fully understand the role tech is playing in your child’s education, you have to understand how your child is using it. Do they have access to their very own iPad or do they only have access to a media lab once a week? Does your child feel they are around the technology enough to become fluent in it? Understanding your child’s access to this technology can help you understand the influence it may have.

Consider the Amount of Overall Technology Usage and Support On Campus

Technology is likely heavily integrated into learning if the school is using technology in other ways. Does the school have an online portal for you to access your child’s grades and information? Do teachers and parents communicate through technology devices? Also, consider the amount of technology support that can be found on campus. A school with heavily integrated technology likely has a strong wireless network and tech support on staff.

Overall, there are many ways you can understand technology’s relationship to learning in your child’s Orlando private school. At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, technology is integrated into all subjects through individual laptop use and computer labs. Students also have the opportunity to take technology electives. To learn more about the integration of technology into a Lake Forrest Prep education, contact us through our website!

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