5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Develop Their Social Skills

Making friends in school can be easy for children, but some struggle to find other children that have common interests. Children can also have the thought that their feelings are worth dismissing rather than reflecting on them. One of the best private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, informs parents on five ways to help children develop their social skills.



  • Coach him or her to stand up for themselves: Your child may be playing with a friend, and the play becomes aggressive and unsafe. What can your child do to feel safe? Learning how to stand up for himself or herself plays a large role in self-esteem. Teach your child that “stop means stop,” and that they have the ability to stand up for themselves if they feel uncomfortable with a situation.
  • Help them express needs without attacking the other person: This may be a problem for children and adults. If a child yells thoughts such as “You’re mean!” to their friend or even parent, take a step back, and help the child analyze his or her feelings. Ask “Can you tell him or her what you want, instead of what you’re thinking about your friend?” This helps the child express his or her needs without verbal abuse.
  • Get beyond the bossy stage: It’s no myth that children like to get their way, but this can be an issue if they want to play with other children. Teaching a child negotiation skills is critical at any age. Ask the child “Would you rather play the game alone but your way, or with your friend?” This can also be reversed if another child is being bossy. Being able to negotiate allows children to play games that the other children like, and it can also help keep friendships on good terms.
  • Problem-solving skills: If conflicts arise between two children, they might not know what actions to take to better the situation. Help them brainstorm how to make amends with each other.
  • Don’t take sides: It may be easy to automatically take your child’s side when he or she is arguing with a friend. Take a step back and analyze the situation, and if you suspect that your child is being unfair, make sure not to blame him or her. Try to talk about the other child’s point of view. This may open your child’s eyes that he or she were being unfair without the criticism of pointing it out.

Being one of the best private schools in Orlando, we understand that working on a child’s social skills is vital during young age. These skills are kept with your child for life, and working on them at a young age fortifies these ideas. If you want more ideas on how to enhance your child’s skills and education, take a look at our blog. If an education at Lake Forrest Prep for your child interests you, please call 407-331-5144 to schedule a tour.

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