How to Make Your Preschooler Crazy for Science

Recently, you may have heard about the underperforming numbers for students when it comes to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – even at the higher levels like high school and college. The real efforts should be made during the early childhood education phase, especially pre-school. In fact, during preschool years, it’s been found that students develop key traits that possess a scientist. Private school in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, explores some of those traits so that you may help cultivate your preschooler to become a future scientist.

Be an Observer – Using all of Your Senses.

Taking part in sensorial activities can increase observation skills in, not just one, but all of a child’s senses. Identifying differences in sound through music or bells or matching items by their weight are just two of the ways you can encourage your child to embrace the scientific method. These observational skills can help your child sharpen his or her skill set in science.

Ascertain Similarities & Differences

One of the most important traits a scientist possesses is the ability to find the similarities and differences between different items. You want them to use their observational skills to categorize items by their attributes like color, size, weight, length, etc. Characteristic-based organization can lead to a more open-minded scientist.

Encourage Curiosity.

Getting children to ask questions, as well as question the answers, will inspire curiosity into how the world works. If your child asks you a complex question, the best thing to do is allow your child to discover the answer him or herself. The way you can do this is by answering “Let’s find out together.” This way, you can help guide them into finding the answer on their own.

If you want to make a scientist (or open that door) out of your child, it’s best to start in preschool. That’s why you should start in preschool with these tips to encourage and engage your child to take an interest in STEM early on. We definitely encourage our students to be curious and ask questions, and that’s why we value the STEM programs at Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando.

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