What Parents Need to Know About Pokemon Go

The newest app craze has consumed most of our battery life, and for good reason, too. Pokemon Go is a revolutionary game app that utilizes your smartphone’s GPS in order to spawn animated monsters in your area. The game can be played anywhere, even at an Orlando private school. The more you walk, the more you catch, making consumers aged from seven to 70 exercise while they play. This game is the next big hit, but here are some tips to help keep your children safe while they “catch them all.”


  • Be aware of your surroundings: Other than consuming your child’s phone battery, this game can consume most of your attention, making you unaware of potential traffic or obstacles. Accidents have been reported with the reason behind it being Pokemon Go. Make sure your child is aware of their surroundings and to only look at their phone after they’ve understood their surroundings.
  • Know the hotspots: Some of the more popular locations in the game have a Pokestop or Pokemon Gym connected with them. These specific locations are popular amongst players, and some may even use an item to attract more players with a  “lure module.” This module does what it’s called. It lures players in the area to catch unique Pokemon and collect items. Be weary of these lure modules; it’s been reported by the Missouri Police that lures have been used to draw victims into armed robberies. Urge your child to stay in public, well-populated areas while playing Pokemon Go. Let them know if there is a lure module placed to make sure the area is safe and not suspicious.
  • Stranger danger: Many people play Pokemon Go as groups or as a way to socialize with fellow group members or rivals. Let your child know how to deal with strangers and to avoid playing the game alone. Some take the game more serious than others, so be aware of potential conflicts that may arise.
  • Keep their information private: If your child signed up during Pokemon Go’s initial response, the app may have received information from their Google account. This can include their age, location, websites they frequently visit, email address, and even more. Understand that some third-party companies and apps in relation to Pokemon Go that may give your device malware and other viruses that can see your information.
  • Will this break the bank: Although this app may be free, there are in-game purchases that can help the player level up quickly. Check your settings to see if your mobile account allows in-game purchases without a parent’s permission, and let your child know they need your permission when purchasing items. The game is also known to drain a smartphone’s battery quickly.


Trends come and go, but it looks like Pokemon is here to stay. It is preferable, however, that they don’t play it in Orlando private schools (schools are for learning, after all). Just make sure this fun interactive game is used correctly and that your children are safe. For more tips about keeping your Pokemon catcher safe, browse our blogs.

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