How to Keep Your Child’s Math Mind Sharp This Summer

Whether your child did great this school year in math class or they did poorly, there are ways for her or him to sharpen their math skills over the summer. One of the best private schools in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, has some smart tips on how to maintain, or enhance, your child’s math ability this summer.

  • Math Readers: Local libraries harbor many story books that are based around math topics that are weaved within them. These are considered math readers. A great example of a math reader is The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat by Theoni Pappas.
  • Pretend Store: Children love to use their imagination. Why not take advantage of that to teach them some math and real-life skills? Find a room in the house and allow your child to set it up like a store complete with plastic coins and paper money. Other than developing their math skills, this will provide your child with some early knowledge of how to handle money.
  • Playing Sports: Brushing up on your child’s math mind is as simple as kicking or hitting a ball around. Get some shin guards and the soccer ball and go in the backyard or find a field. Play a soccer game with the whole family and alternate scorekeeper. You could even arrange the game so that your child is scorekeeper a bit longer than any other player. What if your child is obsessed with basketball? No worries. Have them count how many shots they make into the basket out of every ten they take. Then have them figure out the percentage they made and the percentage they missed. Your child will be moving toward becoming the next great athlete and the next Einstein all at the same time!
  • Web and Teasers: Surfing math websites is an effective way to find interactive and fun games and exercises. These get your child working their math and smiling muscles all at once. Online, you could find brain teasers and puzzles that ask your child to solve interesting and engaging problems. Games like these help to enhance logical thinking, which, in turn, will help to develop improved math skills. If your child wants more advanced word problems, Problem of the Week programs exist.
  • One or Two Instruments: What is the summer for if not for trying new things? Learning a new musical instrument or two can be fun and fruitful for you child. Based on studies, musical training can help with memory and attention skills, as well as pattern recognition and sequencing. Having fun fine-tuning your child’s musicianship will do the same for their math skills!

Getting your child to take steps towards improving their skills can be hard with all the distractions the summer holds. Using some of those distractions to your advantage is a great way to help your child’s math mind expand. Lake Forrest Prep, one of the best private schools in Orlando, wishes your child a summer where the fun only multiplies!

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