How to Raise a Child Who Won’t be a Bully

Bullying is certainly a hot button topic lately, and we’ve seen a lot of conversation about how to avoid bullying, how to punish bullying, and how to address bullying in schools. As one of the top Orlando private schools, we want to make sure that this conversation will start at home with the parents. Parents play a large role in whether children make the decision to bully other children or not, and it all starts with communication. Let’s take a look at some of the ways parents can help their children to not be mean-spirited or bully other children.

Research has shown there are two primary parenting strategies that help make a difference in whether your child becomes a bully or not:

  • Know your child’s friends
  • Have an open exchange of conversation and ideas with your child

Research done by Dr. Rashmi Shetgiri, who is the assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, has found several results when conducting a study of over 46,000 parents. Here are some of the takeaways for parents to know and understand:

  • Meeting your child’s friends is a necessity. It indicates high parental involvement, and it’s found as one of the keys to preventing bullying.
  • Communicating openly with your child allows your child to share their positive and negative experiences, and not hold things inside. One in five children who are considered bullies have emotional, developmental, or behavioral problems.
  • Make sure your children are good students who care about their grades and turn their homework in on time. Typically, students who have these positive habits are less likely to bully other students.

If you see some behavioral or emotional issues with your child at home, make sure you open up the lines of communication with him or her. We encourage our students to have positive relationships with each other and with their teachers. If you’re interested in attending our Orlando private school, contact Lake Forrest Prep today.

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