Do You Know How to Spot if Your Child is Receiving a Great Education?

Truth: a school that is an intellectual and emotional paradise for one student may be barren for another. This is why it is tough to gauge what ensures your child is receiving a great education. But, there are some ways to get a better feel for your child’s day-to-day learning and its effectiveness. One of the best Orlando private schools, Lake Forrest Prep, presents these simple checklist items:

  • Forget Facts; Just Look Around: Open house presentations about class size and test data are not much help. Visiting your child’s school for less than a half hour could relay much more information. The students are the number one indicator of the school’s quality of teaching. Negative signs to look for:
    • Are the kids quiet and disengaged?
    • Are they breezing through their assignments?
    • Are they hurrying between classes?

These all indicate a lack of urgency in the school environment. This will create a lackadaisical place of learning that rubs off on the students.

  • You Need to Speak With the Principal: The principal is the heart and soul of the operation. Ask to speak with him or her. If they aren’t available, that is red flag number one. If he or she is, then ask them some tough questions. “How do you screen your teaching candidates?” “Do you hire them before ever watching them teach?” If the answers to these questions do not satisfy you, consider your other options for your child’s education.
  • A Safe Environment Is Necessary: If the school is not safe, your child may feel the need to look over their shoulder rather than at the books. Observe how the students interact and how they talk to each other. Is there any bullying going on? If so, is security or administration doing anything to stop it? Even some Orlando private schools don’t meet a high safety standard, so don’t just assume all schools do.

We invest in the future of our country and the world by ensuring our children are well educated. For more information about our Orlando private school, please call 407-331-5144, or you can contact us online. Taking care of today is taking care of tomorrow.

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