How to Help Your Child Make Mistakes Graciously

Mistakes are a natural part of anyone’s life, and getting used to making mistakes and learning from them can be hard on children. It’s imperative that they come to terms with the learning process that follows a mistake so that they can become more adaptive, resilient learners. Now, as a parent, allowing your children to make mistakes without interfering can be heartbreaking, so you will want to learn to be strong to allow them to make their own mistakes. With that being said, we will go ahead and provide you with some guidelines which can help you teach your children how to make mistakes graciously.

Try to Identify to The Mistakes that You’ve Made in the Past

Most children are ashamed to make mistakes because they fear the disapproval or disappointment of their parents or the authoritative figures in their life.  Allow your children to make a mistake and try to relate to them by finding a similar mistake you’ve made in your life, as a child or otherwise. Then communicate how you felt and what you did to recover from your mistake so that they know it’s okay to fail and that others, even those with whom they seek the most approval, have failed similarly in the past.

Parental Input is Necessary Sometimes

While you want your children to be taught lessons through how they react to their own mistakes, there are some instances in which you’ll have to intervene as a parent. The first is potential harm to their physical safety. The second would be a delayed harm through bad behavior. If there is a physical or delayed consequence to his or her actions, you’ll want to step in and do your best to teach your child the lesson without them having to go through with the bad behavior.

Adopt the Adaptive Mindset Instead of the Fear-Based Mindset

If your primary goal is to protect your child from anything and everything, he or she isn’t going to be able to thrive in any environment on their own. It could also lead to your child not being able to make decisions on their own due to their ultra-reliance on you making those decisions on their behalf. You should allow yourself to view your children as strong individuals rather than weak extensions of yourself.

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