How to Get Your Child Amped About Reading

Children typically fall into one of two categories: they either LOVE to read or they don’t, but don’t fret! We have several tactics that we use at our Orlando private school to get our students to fall in love with reading. These are the same tactics you can use at home to get your child more amped about reading outside of school. Sometimes children don’t enjoy reading because they find it challenging. It’s important to first identify why your child doesn’t have a love of reading before applying a certain type of tactic.

First, make them fall in love with the storytelling.

Books tell such great stories, so you definitely want to get them excited about the potential of storytelling and imaginative adventures. The easiest way you can do this is to introduce them to audio books. Audio books are a particularly positive way to ease into literature.

Next, challenge their vocabulary.

Did you know that a 1988 study found that children’s books contain 50 percent more rare words than conversations between college-educated adults? This shows how absolutely integral it is for children to start reading at an early age. This can turn into a fun activity, in which you test your child’s vocabulary skills based on his or her reading comprehension. You can do this in daily conversations so he or she can understand practical applications of that particular word.

Last, give reading rewards to encourage them to continue. Sometimes, early readers are reluctant when it comes to motivation to read more. Create goals for reading and once your child meets those goals, reward him or her with incentives. You can even enroll him or her into a program, such as the Book-It program, which is a reading reward program in and of itself.

At Lake Forrest Prep, we want our students to love reading and learning every day, and we ensure that passion is communicated through our curriculum so our students aren’t bored with their education. Learn more about our Orlando private school today by browsing through our website or calling 407-331-5144 to schedule a tour.

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