Fun & Healthy School Lunches for Your Child

It is no secret that children have to eat lunch every day, but after 180 days of making your children lunches, it may be hard to come up with lunch ideas that are unique, fun, and delicious. Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, has some great ideas when you are making your children’s next lunch that are sure to be a hit at the lunch table and make them the envy of their lunch buddies.

  • Take a Dip: Children love to dip, so cut up vegetables and send them with a little container of ranch dressing. You can also use hummus and pita chips, apples with peanut butter, or chips with salsa.
  • Smoothie Time: Take Greek yogurt, honey, and frozen fruit, and then blend it. After it is done, put the smoothie into individual containers and freeze. In the morning you pack it in your child’s lunch, and it will be defrosted by lunchtime. Check out this site for healthy and delicious options for smoothies your children will love.
  • A Rainbow of Color: It is no secret that a wide variety of colors in your child’s diet in the form of fruits and vegetables allow him or her to consume different vitamins and nutrients. Think of the rainbow: red means strawberries. Blue can be in the form of blueberries. Yellow can be squash, and green can be in the form of zucchini. Remember to pack a little side of dip so your children can have something to enjoy their fruits and vegetables with.
  • Divide to Conquer: Buy containers with different sections so that food remains separate and fresh until lunch time. You can put grapes in one section, cheese cubes in another, and finger sandwiches in the third. Sometimes, with children, it is all about the presentation!
  • Stackables: Children love to stack stuff, so send crackers, cheese, and meats for them to stack and enjoy. You can also experience with different shapes by cutting the cheese into circles, stars, and triangles.

Make lunch a fun, healthy, and delicious part of your children’s day by using some of the suggestions above! For even more helpful tips, please browse our Orlando private school blog, and if you are interested in your child receiving an education at Lake Forrest Prep, give us a call 407-331-5144 to set up a tour of our school.

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