How to Protect Your Child from Injuries from Extracurricular Injuries

More than 135,000 children and teenagers in America are sent to the emergency room with sports-related injuries annually. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are the most common injury found during these visits, which are typically caused by hits to the head, which can disrupt normal brain function. TBIs can be a mild injury, but they can also come out to be severe, and since the brain is the most important part of your child’s body, they should be taken very seriously. Most TBIs in children and teens due to sports-related injuries will be concussions. Concussions occur when the brain moves inside the skull and can even hit against the skull. The danger of concussions is inhibited learning and memory, confusion, blurred vision, and memory loss.

While competitive sports and athletic activities can be character building for your child, they can cause injury. In order to protect your child from these types of injuries, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that you’re providing your child with the proper protective gear. This gear should be thoroughly researched and reviewed to ensure it’s going to provide maximum protection for your child.
  • Ensure that your child is aware and follows the regulations for the game he or she is playing in order to avoid brain trauma or other potential injuries.
  • Make sure the environment that your children are playing in isn’t full of holes or ruts that can easily cause injury when activities are happening.
  • All team sports and activities that children partake in should be supervised by adults. Teams and leagues should have the same commitment to injury prevention as the parents.

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