Art Projects & Spatial Development

Many people don’t even consider using art projects to teach toddlers and young children spatial awareness concepts. Art projects like playing with clay, painting, and crafting can help young children develop fine motor skills and learn to follow directions, as well as increase spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is defined as understanding yourself and the relationships between objects in a given space. While it’s a complicated concept, it’s hard to make the connection between spatial development and art projects.

Young children tend to use different items such as Playdough, crayons, and finger paints in order to generate art in creative ways. When you’re trying to teach your child how to use the art tools available to him or her, you will, in turn, be teaching him or her spatial awareness concepts. For example, if you’re playing with Playdough or clay, provide your child with a small amount and have them watch you make a ball yourself. Then explain to your child that rolling the Playdough back and forth is needed to make a ball. This will allow your child to associate the motion needed in order to make that shape with the clay.

Some things to remember when you’re teaching spatial concepts to your child are:

  • Don’t become impatient if he or she doesn’t catch on right away. You will want to make sure you stay calm and just repeat or act out the instructions in order to help your child gain further understanding.
  • Don’t push your child into making sure he or she is only performing the spatial awareness action that you are showing him or her. Try to let him or her explore and create an artistic sense without any outside help.
  • Start a conversation with your child by asking what he or she is doing. This will give him or her a chance to explain some spatial awareness theories without the assistance of an adult.

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