Make Healthier Food Choices With Your Children

It’s a New Year, It’s a New You; isn’t that the saying? But how can you get your children to get on board with a healthier lifestyle? It’s not easy, but Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, is here to help. Students who eat well-balanced meals perform better in school.

A new study of Nova Scotia fifth-graders confirmed that kids who eat better perform better in school. The study looked at 4,598 fifth-graders who participated in the Children’s Lifestyle and School-performance study. Of the almost 4,600 students, 875 of them failed an elementary literacy assessment. The better the students eating habits were, the less likely he or she was to have failed the test. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and eating fewer calories from fat aided a lower risk of failing the test.

So, how do you change your child’s eating habits to not only align with your New Year’s resolution but also for the benefit of your child’s education?


  • Make a schedule – Kids, much like yourself, need to eat every three to fours hours. Three main meals, two snacks, and a lot of fluids. Try not to rely on fast food. If you will be out for the day, pack a cooler of wholesome snacks so that your kids won’t be famished. Bonus: You might find your kids less cranky with more snacks around.
  • Plan – Planning your meals is critical. If a whole week is too much, don’t worry. Plan three days ahead and allow your child to have input. Make a well-balanced meal, but give your child the choice of the protein or perhaps which vegetable they prefer. This way they know their opinion matters.
  • Shop & Cook with Your Kids – We are parents too so we know grocery shopping with kids in tow isn’t always easy. But make a grocery list together and have your child be responsible for picking all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Then when you get home, include them in the cooking process. A child will be more willing to try something if they know they worked hard to make it.
  • Reduce Junk – Face it, kids will be kids and junk will come into play once in awhile. But if you reduce the amount of junk food in the house and offer healthier alternatives, you will notice a big difference in a small amount of time.
  • Have Fun – If you aren’t having fun, neither are your children. Be creative every now and then and allow your kids to splurge on treats; it’s ok as long as it’s in moderation.



  • Eating healthy is a great way to get your child to focus and concentrate in school. Once you have your plan figured out, you will also notice a change in their attitude too!


At our Orlando private school, we believe in offering our students well-balanced meals to energize and motivate them throughout the day. Please browse through the rest of our blogs for even more tips on how to raise healthy children.

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