How to Conquer High-Stakes Testing

Most students dread high-stakes tests such as the SAT or the ACT. The pressure builds as high school students advance through their grades until anxiety often overwhelms the student. While these tests are important, they are not as fundamentally different than a standard test, only longer. Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, helps our students academically prepare for high school and its high-stakes tests.

  • Know More than the Material for the Test: Bring pencils. Find out if a calculator is permitted or necessary. Know the time constraints for each section Ask beforehand if bringing in a bottle of water or snack is permitted. Realize that electronics are not permitted unless a calculator is recommended, and the penalty may be expulsion from the room. Read the online information for the test you are taking to know what is expected.
  • Practice with the Tools Incorporated in the Test Beforehand: Some practice tests allow you to use the format of the test to toggle forward and backward through the online pages, and many computer-generated tests have built-in calculators. Understanding how to use these technologies beforehand will ease anxiety.
  • Develop a Strategy for Taking the Test and Practice it: For multiple choice questions, mark through the answers that should be eliminated before making a final choice. Answer all easy questions first, then go back and answer the more difficult questions. For math problems, check your work on every question. On essays, read through what the question asks before attempting to answer, and read your entire response before submitting. Most students cannot write as quickly as they think and their responses may be garbled or may only make sense to the writer.
  • Take a Practice Test and Study the Results: You may not realize your weaknesses until the practice test results are in your hands. The information you learn from the practice test will be invaluable and give you goals to meet before test day.
  • Develop a Plan of Action: Whether you want to practice one hour a day, or take one practice test a week, choose a plan that fits your needs. Many public libraries offer free standardized tests, and Khan Academy offers the entire SAT practice test online with tutorials, strategies, and helpful information.

High-stakes tests do not have to be overwhelming. With the foundation an education at Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, provides the pre-high school years, your child can face the SAT, ACT or any other important test with confidence. To learn more about how to prepare your child for high school, call us today at 407-331-5144, or contact us online.

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