Is Your Child Ready for College Courses in High School?

High school has changed significantly in the past generation, offering more options for today’s students and giving them opportunities their parents never thought possible. Along with advanced placement classes and online courses, many schools now offer the availability of college-level coursework via dual-enrollment or concurrent classes. Dual-enrolled students take a number of high school-level courses on campus along with college courses at a local community college. It has been estimated that over a million high school students are taking at least one college class, either by enrolling in concurrent or dual-enrollment courses. Lake Forrest Prep is a highly-rated private school in Orlando that can help ease the transition once your child completes middle school here.

Saving Money for College Courses: High school students are often offered a discount or free tuition for taking college classes as part of their course load. Many school districts pay a portion of the tuition-dependent on the grade, from 100% reimbursement for an A to 0% for failing. Check to see how your school district handles these advanced courses.

Commuting has its Benefits: Students who travel off campus and take college courses are more likely to enroll in college and earn a Bachelor’s degree. In contrast, students who were enrolled concurrently and had a college-approved high school instructor teach a class on the campus of their high school showed no appreciable increase in likelihood to attend college in the future, according to Cecilia Speroni, a researcher at Mathematica Policy Research and the Community College Research Center.

Further Opportunities: Dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment both offer the opportunity for students to investigate the rigors of college while still falling back on the safety net of high school. By easing into college, students find they are better prepared for college success and have more confidence in themselves as students. Parents also benefit from the affordability of college for their high school students.

Whether your high school student is taking one or several college classes, Lake Forrest Prep is a private school in Orlando that is ready to assist in the transition to post-secondary education. To learn more about what an education at Lake Forrest Prep can do for your child, call us today at 407-331-5144, or contact us online.

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