7 Ways You Can Help Your Child with Their Math Homework

Mastering mathematics is absolutely essential for future opportunities in school and a career. Does your child seem to fall behind or lack confidence in math? Here are some tips Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, believes can help your child maximize his or her math prowess.

  • Be Sure Your Child Understands Mathematical Concepts: When children fail to learn and understand basic concepts, math becomes a dreadful and pointless task of just memorizing and completing repetitive assignments.
  • Help Your Child Master Basic Facts: Knowing the basics, such as multiplication tables, means answering the question in three seconds or less. Using flashcards for learning multiplication tables is one way to help them learn.
  • Teach Your Child to Write Their Numbers Neatly: Writing legibly is crucial for not just mathematics, but in all classes throughout your children’s education. Surprisingly, 25% of all errors in math problems can be prevented by writing neater.
  • Provide Help as Soon as Your Child Needs It: If your child seems to struggle on a concept or problem, assist them right away. Math can be a tedious subject because one must be continuously building upon previous concepts learned. Help your child with their assignments or go to a tutoring center if needed.
  • Encourage Them to do More than Their Assigned Work: Many times only completing assigned homework won’t cut it to truly master a skill. Have them read their textbooks in detail, take notes, and practice examples as well.
  • Help Them Learn the Vocabulary of Mathematics: Sometimes, children fail to understand a chapter or math problem simply because they did not understand the vocabulary used. Help him or her use models and simple problems to better understand the words used.
  • Make Math a Part of Your Child’s Daily Life: Math shouldn’t be regarded as just one class children are forced to go to every day. Encourage your children to see the importance of mathematics in their everyday lives through practical ways. For example, have them help you pay bills, or increase/reduce amounts in recipes.

At Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, we are here to provide all of our students a strong foundation in mathematics. You are always welcomed to contact the school or schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher at any time. Contact us today at 407-331-5144, or visit our blog for more math-related tips.

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