7 Ways to Protect Your Child on Twitter

One of the most popular social media platforms right now is Twitter, and it seems to be the kids favorite, too. As a parent, do you let your child participate in the Twitter community? If yes, how do you protect them? Private school in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep has some tips for parents.


  • Be on Twitter Yourself: It’s simple. How will you protect your child on Twitter if you have no idea how to use it yourself? Create an account for yourself and start playing around with it so you understand how it works and can explain it to your child. More importantly, you can follow your child and monitor their engagment.
  • Limit Personal Information: Their username should not contain their last name, and their account should not list their address or phone number. Be sure that their posts and pictures do not list their location. Pay close attention to make sure there is no identifying information attached to their posts.
  • Lock Their Account: This allows only approved people to read their tweets and send them DMs (directs messages). This adds yet another barrier of protection.
  • Limit Their Access: Twitter can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Allow only one, preferably the family home computer that is in a public area. You don’t have to watch their every move, but knowing that parents can walk by at anytime helps to promote good behavior.
  • Mute Certain Keywords: Apps such as TweetBot allow you to filter out certain keywords so they do not appear on your child’s timeline. Be aware that your child can see this list, and you may have to explain your reasoning behind the banning of certain keywords.
  • Approve Their Followers: While it is wise to approve your child’s followers, being super strict about it will only promote secrecy. If there is a follow request for your child, discuss who they are and how they know them.
  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open: As always, one of the most important things in parenting is communication. Help your child feel comfortable about coming to you with questions about Twitter or things he or she has seen. Assure them that their safety is your only concern.


It can be scary to have your child in the virtual world, but with our tips, your child can have a safe Twitter experience. For more parenting tips, or information on our private school in Orlando, please browse the rest of Lake Forrest Prep’s blogs, or call us at (407) 331-5144.

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