5 Questions to Ask When Visiting a School

Choosing where your child attends school will have an effect on them for the rest of their life. Some families put their kids in whatever school is convenient for them instead of looking at the pros and cons of each institute. This may possibly hinder their growth. Here are 5 questions to ask about any private schools in Orlando you’re considering in the fall.


  • How Large Are The Classes? First, determine what environment your child may thrive in. Some prefer a larger group of people to interact with while others may want a smaller class size to receive more hands-on attention from the teacher.
  • Are There Any Extracurriculars? Check to see what programs are available and what interests your child. Being involved in extracurricular activities is proven to stimulate a child’s interest in school overall. With added benefits, like forming friendships and development of different skills, who wouldn’t want a great organization under their belt?
  • What are the Transportation Options? This can be highly important if you can’t drop your child off at school due to work or other obligations. Determine if there is a school bus or some sort of carpooling schedule to work with. There may also be areas for bikes located on campus.
  • Is There a PTA? Even if you don’t want to be involved in the Parent Teacher Association, this is a great question to ask. The PTA has the welfare of your children in mind when making all kinds of decisions. Since it’s made up of parents AND teachers, the full scale of safety and education will be at the top list of priorities.
  • Is There a Child Care Program? This is great to ask if you’re a busy parent. Have to be at work early or stay late and have no way to get your child home? Many schools have child care programs for before and after school to keep watch over kids while their parents are away. This can be beneficial for extra studying or getting homework done.


Searching for a new school shouldn’t be complicated. While on your journey to find a place that fits your child, bring along these questions as a starting point. We hope you’ll add Lake Forrest Prep to your potential private schools in Orlando to send your child.

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