What to Look and Ask for at the School Visit

When parents are searching for the right private school in Orlando, it’s wise to ensure they have all the facts. Other than the simple questions of affordability or cost, there are other components to think about when picking where your child should receive their education. Parents choosing the correct private school in Orlando must use care and focus on the details as these are the factors that will help them feel comfortable when they are making a final decision.

  • Academic Method: One of the main reasons that parents enroll their children in a private school is because they want them to receive the best education they possibly can. This doesn’t just apply to basic academic strength, but the method of the learning experience, and how that fits with the personality of your child. All students learn in multiple ways and grasp varying styles of teaching. There are students that are motivated through competition, and others that flourish without little to no pressure. It is important to know what kind of private school in Orlando your child will feel most comfortable in so they can grow academically at the right pace.
  • Unique Services: Services that are unique and special to the needs of students are sometimes the main reason why private schools are chosen by parents. It’s very important children are not forgotten when special attention is needed to help further their education. Unfortunately, this is usually the case in most public schools that have larger classes.
  • Preparations for College and Beyond: Admission to colleges has become more competitive over the years, and that’s why choosing a private school that helps advance your child’s education is so important. Checking the school’s student scores on tests such as the SAT or ACT will help give you an idea of how students typically perform from that specific private school.

Picking the right private school in Orlando isn’t an easy task. That’s why Lake Forrest Prep has done everything to ensure your child will excel whether it’s in advanced classes or classes that fit their learning speed. If you want your child enrolled at Lake Forrest Prep or have further questions about our education, call us at (407) 331-5144.

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