Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

child-710596_1280Participating in preschool has many benefits for a toddler, but determining the right time to enroll can be confusing for parents. If your toddler is out of diapers and seems to be enjoying a social life, it might be time to consider preschool. It’s important to know that the time to start preschool isn’t the same for every child, so it’s important that you assess your child before determining if now is the right time.

At Lake Forrest Prep, we take children starting at 6 weeks old, but if you are staying at home with your infant, here are some things to consider before enrolling your child in a preschool at a private school in Orlando.

  1. Is Your Child Fairly Independent? – Does your child do well in individual environments and take the lead for him or herself?
  2. Has Your Child Spent Time Away From You Before? – Leaving mommy and daddy or a daily caretaker can be hard on a toddler. Plan more time with relatives and friends so that your toddler can be used to your absence and know how to interact with others.
  3. Does Your Child Complete Tasks on Their Own? – Can he or she clean up his or her toys without your assistance and work on projects during quiet time?
  4. Does Your Child Have a Regular Schedule? – Is your child used to getting up and going to sleep at the same time? Preschool, much like adult life, is very structured and scheduled.
  5. Are You Ready? – Do you feel emotionally and physically ready to enroll your toddler in preschool? It’s important to consider your feelings while investigating this process.

To learn more about our infant and toddler programs, contact a private school in Orlando, such as Lake Forrest Prep, call us at (407) 331-5144.

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