8 At-Home Tips to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

child-360791_1280Interest in technology is becoming so overwhelming that students these days are losing interest in some of the basic joys of education, such as reading and writing. We live in a world where the information presented to us can be viewed through so many different avenues that it’s sometimes hard to realize that writing is still a fundamental core of many technology-based interests.

So, how do you get your student to turn off the phone, tablet or video games, and foster an interest in writing ? At Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, we have 10 ways that can help you help your child become a better writer.

  1. Write Often – Setting an example at home is a great way to show your child the importance of writing. Keep a daily journal and encourage your child to do the same.
  2. Be Helpful – If your child has a writing assignment, be helpful in any way. Encourage imagination and ask questions to get your student to think about ways to create a writing sample.
  3. Writing Space – Sitting in front of the TV is no place for a child to foster a love of writing. Make a writing space that will allow your child’s mind to wander and be creative, without distractions.
  4. Give – Encourage your child to give gifts that have to do with writing. Gifts such as pens and pads helps to encourage a child to write.
  5. Frequency – Encourage frequent writing, but don’t demand it. The journal that we mentioned above is a great way to assist with daily writing. The moment you demand your child to write, the more apt he or she will be to resist.
  6. Give Praises – Always give praises to your child for his or her writing efforts. For some students, it will come naturally and for others, it will take longer, but always be encouraging and tell them what they did right.
  7. Share – We know that it isn’t too often that people get hand-written letters and notes from friends or relatives. When you do, share them with your children.
  8. Resources – Find great resources where your child can be inspired to write. One of our favorite suggestions is to leave reviews. If you just went to a restaurant or somewhere for Family Fun Day, encourage your children to write what he or she enjoyed the most so it can be posted as a review.

At Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, we believe in allowing each child to build their writing imagination, and it’s important that this is encouraged. As parents and as teachers, it is our job to assure that our students have a desire for the written word. To learn more about Lake Forrest Prep, contact us today by calling (407) 331-5144.

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