Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make in Choosing a Private School

Once you decide your child will attend an Orlando private school, the next determination is which school to choose. With new private schools opening every year, this may seem a bit overwhelming. Hopefully this list of mistakes parents make when choosing a private school will help your family choose the perfect school for your aspiring scholar.

  • You Care About Reputation Only: Although it is tempting to choose the school with the ultimate reputation or the most expensive tuition, these schools may not meet your expectations or your child’s. Remember, it is much more important to choose a school that meets your child’s individual needs than to choose a school simply on its reputation.
  • The Education of Your Child Isn’t #1: The ultimate goal of any school is to educate its students. While some schools emphasize sports, physical activities should be second to traditional learning. If your child’s number one choice for a private school is based on that school’s sports teams, look closely into the school’s educational philosophy: if the classroom instruction does not meet your child’s educational needs, look to another school.
  • You Only Visit Once: Private schools, much like people, understand the importance of a first impression. Visiting a school one time may only show a facade of the underlying substance. Call and stop by your first, second, and third school choices several times for a more realistic understanding of how each school functions.
  • You Wait Until the Last Minute: The waiting list for many private schools may be more than a year or two. Last-minute decisions may remove many of your favorite schools from the running simply because of the time constraint. Likewise, the entry exams for many private schools are scheduled well before classes begin. Missing the deadline for completing the exam will hinder eligibility for entering the school as a student.
  • You Don’t Inquire About Financial Aid: Many families do not believe they are eligible for financial aid. If they don’t ask, they will never know, and unless financial aid is given the first year, it is not offered in subsequent years. Ask every school whether they accept financial aid, the types of scholarships they offer and/or suggest, and the eligibility requirements. You may be pleasantly surprised on how little a private school education may cost.

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