Parents: You Are the Future of Your Child’s Education

As a parent, the most important thing that you can do to support your child’s education is getting involved. Children whose parents are involved in their education are more successful and tend to enjoy school more than children whose parents are disengaged. How you and your family interact with each child has more of an impact on his or her education than how much money you make, or even how much education you have as a parent.

Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, has created a list of 12 ways that you can help your child be successful in school.


  • Meet your child’s teacher – Attend orientation, and meet your child’s teacher. This will help open the lines of communication, and keep you abreast as to how your child is performing in class.
  • Get to know who’s who at your child’s school – Attend school events that help you meet other families and other school staff members. Schools offer an amazing support system, and you can take advantage of that by meeting other staff members and families that can help with your child’s educational success.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences Be sure to also keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Schools will have about 1-2 parent-teacher conferences per year, and it is vital that you attend each one. This will let you know how well your child is doing and what their strong and weak points are.
  • Find out how your child is doing – Talk with your child’s teacher outside of parent-teacher conferences to see how your child is doing so that you can make course corrections along the way.
  • Prioritize study time – Set aside time for your child to get their homework and studying done on a daily basis.
  • Find homework help for your child, if needed – If you find your child struggling with homework and you are unable to help him/her, ask the school if they have tutor contacts. This will get your child the help they need.
  • Help your child prepare for tests – Don’t just leave the test prep up to your child. Get involved. Study with them and offer to quiz them on the material to ensure that they are understanding and grasping the concepts.
  • Volunteer at your child’s school – You can also join your school’s parent-teacher group. This will help foster the relationships at the school, and show your child that you too are interested in the school.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children – Don’t make school work a chore; be enthusiastic about education, and it will foster a positive attitude for your child as well.
  • Monitor your child’s television, video game, and Internet use – If you limit the amount of time that your child spends playing video games, playing on the computer or watching TV, it will encourage him or her to partake in other educational activities.
  • Encourage your child to read – Taking your child to the library will encourage him or her to find books that are interesting and foster a love of reading.
  • Talk with your child – Ask your child about their day, what they learned and what the favorite part of their day was. This will help encourage your child to talk about his or her day at school, and open up about any successes or hardships they might be having.


As an Orlando private school, we encourage all of our parents & guardians to be involved in their children’s education. Lake Forrest Prep is an Orlando private preparatory school that offers amazing educational experiences for children ages 6 months to 8th grade. Contact us today to learn more. 407-331-5144.

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