What Makes a Great Private School Teacher?

A school is only as good as its teachers, and the talent exerted by those dedicated individuals reflects favorably on their institution. Private-school teachers are often those who are innovative in their teaching approach and accept challenges and change outside the realm of a public classroom like the Orlando private school leaders at Lake Forrest Preparatory School.

Private schools are renowned for the high standards their students achieve, and more often than not, those standards are exceeded because a team of educators found an unpredictable method to fill in the learning gaps for their students. It may include more time outside to study science, or bringing in a chef from Africa to create an authentic dish and open a new world of ideas or learning multiplication through easy manipulation of math tools. Regardless, the results are astounding, and the research behind these ideas often falls to the educators who find they work in their classrooms. Private-school teachers have more freedom to practice these new ideas on their students and watch the lessons come to life.

Knowing how to teach and having experience in the classroom are strong indicators of a good, solid teacher. When that teacher works with other educators in the school as well as with parents and administrators, the children he or she educates will prosper. The strongest connection, however, is between the teacher and the student. By communicating with every student, trust is developed. That trust and a caring attitude will bolster a student’s confidence more than a perfect test grade. A greater emphasis on teaching the whole child, rather than simply teaching academics to the child, gives private-school teachers an advantage over their public-school counterparts.

The quality of your child’s education begins with his or her teacher. Knowing a private-school teacher has the capabilities to meet the challenges of teaching is the cornerstone of a solid education. Look at the Orlando private school leaders at Lake Forrest Preparatory School’s other posts for more classroom innovations and news concerning education.

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