Private School Enrollment Increases in Florida

A recent report by the Florida Department of Education concerning private schools showed surprising – and almost conflicting – results. For instance, while the number of students enrolled in public schools increased this year, enrollment is down from 10 years ago. Looking at graphs does not answer the question as easily as recognizing the impact of the national and state economy. Ten years ago we were in the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn, and families struggled to keep their children in private schools. Fortunately, parents have learned that cutting the corners on educating their children does not save money in the long run. A private education leads to better test scores for college exams, more college and university graduates and better workplace opportunities. Families who do not believe they can afford to send their children to private school are often unaware of the scholarship availability for their children. The Orlando private school leaders at Lake Forrest Preparatory School proudly accept the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities applications and work with families to give their children the education they deserve.

Given these facts, it’s no wonder more private schools have opened within the last year than ever before. Inside these new schools – and filling existing schools – an additional 5,000 students joined their peers in private education. A 10-year picture shows student enrollment is rebounding from a slump begun at the beginning of this decade. Each year since 2010 shows an increase in the number of privately enrolled students, and this increase is steady enough to stimulate the growth of new schools. Comparing public schools to private schools, the growth rate does not signify that students are leaving private schools to join public schools; instead the increase and decrease noted within the 10-year period for private schools is mirrored by public school numbers.

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