How to Assist Your Tween in Math

Most parents have a good understanding of basic math skills, but when your children enter higher levels at their Orlando schools, math becomes quite challenging for both you and your tween. As new facts are introduced, the amount of material may overwhelm your child to the point where he or she feels frustrated and lost. Math needs to remain a challenge, but the material should be something students can understand with guidance and instruction.

Many schools have websites devoted to each grade and subject. These websites may contain notes from past lessons, video links to interactive math games, or hyperlinks to some of the many math tutorials offered online, such as Khan Academy. Pair the website with the math book from your tween’s class and have your child read over the material. Ensure your child writes clear notes in class and brings them home when homework is due, or when a lesson is not well understood. If your tween is unsure how to take good notes, guide them by underlining or highlighting important words or concepts. Good note taking aligns homework with class lectures and will be a skill used throughout school. If more than notes are needed, show your child how to find information online or seek an example in the math book. Give your guidance only when content is not clear; in other words, allow your child to figure out concepts alone. Self-instruction substantially strengthens understanding and independence. It has been noted that middle school is a transition period between a child being dependent on an adult’s supervision during school work and self-reliance. While some students mature at a different pace than others, the amount of time you devote to assisting with homework will diminish as your child matures both physically and mentally.

When your assistance is necessary, work through the problem as a team. Offer suggestions and examples, but do not give the answer outright. Homework gives your child’s teacher an idea of which concepts have been mastered and which require further instruction, and if you help by giving the answers, a disconnect exists between content and understanding. Once the question is answered, ask your tween to explain how the answer was derived. This strengthens knowledge tremendously and proves the procedure has been mastered. If the question is multi-tiered, ask for a step-by-step breakdown to ensure every part is understood.

The transition from elementary to middle school is a roller coaster of milestones. Lake Forrest Preparatory School, a highly-rated Orlando school, wants to assist in your tween’s success. Browse our blogs for additional information and tips. Share your ideas on middle school math triumphs with us below–we would love to pass on your tips to our other followers.

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