What Makes a Good Private School

The ultimate goal of parents is to raise self-reliant children who can think critically and are good citizens. To reach this goal, many parents enroll their children into a private school with the understanding that most private schools exceed public schools in regards to academic accomplishments. However, not all Orlando private schools are created equally, and many parents wonder what characteristics good private schools have in common.

While it is not unexpected that supportive, strong, and educated teachers are a priority in a great school, the amount of parental involvement and family engagement determines whether a school excels. It has been noted that higher family involvement induces stronger social and emotional growth in students. The physical and mental environment of a school is another factor: a clean, safe school that meets student needs with a welcoming façade, cheery interior, and smiling faces helps students relax and focus more readily. These students, whose basic needs have been met, will be better able to tackle classwork and meet their teachers’ high expectations. Astonishingly, when students are challenged and given the tools to undertake more stringent schoolwork, their response is typically to excel. Good private schools follow this philosophy and move the bar steadily higher for their students, while taking into consideration that each child learns differently and lesson plans must reflect the needs of every student. Lastly, assessment, or knowing how well students are learning, must support instruction and continue throughout the year as formal assessment (tests) and informal assessment (looking over student work to verify a lesson is understood).

These requirements will significantly increase the likelihood of a strong academic showing.  School is more than academics, though, and a good school also teaches students how to be good citizens by sharing, cleaning up after an art or science project, following verbal instructions, et cetera.  Students also need to feel as if their school is close to a second home, as if they belong there. Student pride has a strong correlation with behavior and grades.

Lake Forrest Preparatory School constantly strives to better the education of your child by exceeding all the characteristics of a good Orlando private school. Collaboration among educators, parents, and our students is our goal; your child’s education depends on it. Share this post if you and your child share a passion for education.


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