Out-of-the-Box Ways to Boost Your Family’s Creativity

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Boost Your Family’s Creativity

Creativity might seem like a trait that can’t be taught or improved upon. “Oh, they’re just naturally creative!” However, that seemingly ‘natural’ creativity still has to be fostered and encouraged. Studies have shown that taking time out to be intentionally creative can improve your mood, lower your heart rate, and make your day more enjoyable. At Lake Forrest Prep, we encourage students to be creative, especially when it comes to problem-solving! Here are a few ways the whole family can boost their creativity:

Have family art time

We’ve talked about family reading time and game nights on the LFP blog, but have you ever considered having a family arts/crafts night? Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or basic weaving, hands-on crafting can give everyone a tactile way to relax and come together to make something fun. 

Discuss movies together after you see them

Movies aren’t just a great way to come together and snack on popcorn; they can improve your creativity! After a family movie night, go beyond asking “what was your favorite part” and start asking “what if…” These “what if” questions can spark creative thinking in your kids and yourselves. (Comic books have been asking “what if” for decades, so there’s certainly something to be said for thinking outside the box!)

Write plays

There’s nothing like a big family ‘theatrical.” Even if your child isn’t big into traditional theater, writing a play and producing it as a family can help them think about more than the plot. They’ll get creative with things like costumes, sets, and even who the audience will be. (We’re fans of stuffed animal audiences!)

Play the “Yes, and…” game

Creative thinking can quickly be stifled whenever a child hears a “no” or a “but that doesn’t make sense.” If you’re helping your child get creative with solutions, replace your hesitations with “yes and” and see what happens. This game can be applied to nearly any creative endeavor, but our favorite way to use it is by tacking on a “yes and…” whenever your child is practicing telling an imaginative story. It will encourage them to think ahead to the next adventure!

Creativity is something that can be fostered in your child and yourself! By helping your child embrace creative thinking, they’ll be more confident in the classroom. At Lake Forrest Prep, a leading Orlando area private school, we love seeing creative thinking transform children and give them more confidence. To learn more about why we develop students creatively and academically, give us a call at 407-331-5144 or schedule a tour online.