Bringing in the New Year as a Family

Bringing in the New Year as a Family

If there was ever a year to say goodbye to, it’s 2020. For many of our LFP families, celebrating at home is the best and safest option. We wanted to pull together some of our favorite ideas for welcoming 2021 as a family. 

Put favorites on the menu.

It’s the last hoorah of 2020, so send it out with a bang! Ask each family member what their favorite foods are, and whip up a menu with a little bit of everyone’s favorites. This way, you’re guaranteed to welcome in the new year with full hearts (and stomachs)!

Celebrate this year’s milestones. 

This year hasn’t been easy, but there are still moments throughout worth celebrating. Give each family member five slips of paper. Ask them to write down the top five moments from 2020, and put them into a jar. Shake up the jar, and randomly draw out one slip of paper at a time. Reading everyone’s celebrations out loud can give your family a broader picture of what happened this year. 

Have an early ball drop. 

If you’ve got younger kids (or maybe kids who’d rather be asleep), push up the New Year’s Eve ball drop, and do one yourselves! Get balloons or a piñata to drop at the stroke of whatever “midnight” you decide. You can find countdowns on YouTube that will help it feel more festive. Toss the confetti, drop your own Times Square ball, and head to sleep while the rest of the world struggles to stay awake until midnight. 

Dress to impress.

In true 2020 fashion, you can opt for your New Year’s attire to be fancy or comfy — or both! Whether your family opts for a pajama party or wants to be dressed to the nines one last time, let your kids send 2020 out with fun clothing. 

At Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, we’re thankful for each student and their family! Thank you for making 2020 a treat for us. We’re excited to see what 2021 holds. If you’re looking for more resources about your child’s education in and out of the classroom, be sure to check out our blog.