The Importance of Civic Values

The Importance of Civic Values

It’s hard to believe that the November elections are just around the corner. As adults, we understand the importance of doing our civic duty and participating in the government to the best of our abilities. However, for your kids attending private schools in Orlando, the concept of civic values and duties can seem a bit abstract. It’s important for every person to do their bit, and it’s never too early to start teaching your kids about the importance of civic values!

Lead By Example

Your children look up to you, especially when they’re young and just beginning to learn the ins and outs of societal expectations and behaviors. Kids often learn through mimicking behaviors. Help your kids develop a sense of civic values and duties through leading by example. Vote in local elections, and explain to your child what you’re doing and why it matters. If you’re summoned for jury duty, explain how the judicial system works — you don’t have to give an in-depth explanation — by explaining what jury duty is and why it matters.

Discuss Current News and Events

Kids pick up on a lot, even if they don’t pay attention to the nightly news or read the newspaper. It’s only natural for them to ask questions, especially as we get closer to election day! Don’t be afraid to discuss current events with your children. You can explain who the candidates they see on the television are, discuss important political issues or policies and how they’ll impact your family, and even how the electoral process works. The more your kids understand at a young age, the better prepared they’ll be to participate as they grow older.

Encourage Them to Form Their Own Opinions

With older children, especially those aware of the current political climate, it can be tempting to try to get them to agree with your opinions. However, it’s important to remember that everyone, even your child, is entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs. Encourage them to form their own opinions and ask them to explain why they believe in the causes they do. This will help you understand their perspectives while also helping them better understand their own opinions.

Civic values are a part of becoming a helpful, well-rounded member of society. At Lake Forrest Prep, one of the premier private schools in Orlando, we’ll help give your child the foundation they need to understand how civic duties shape the country. Learn more about our curriculum by visiting the school or speak with our admissions staff by calling (407) 331-5144.