Your Daughter & Her Girlfriends: How to Help Her Handle Those Friendships

Growing up is hard to do. It’s especially hard to navigate friendships and relationships when you’re growing up, whether you’re male or female. While bullying and ostracization are something that happens to all children growing up, it’s especially prevalent among young females. At Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, we believe it’s so important that you help your daughter handle her friendships and other relationships while in school. Here are some tips that you can implement to help your daughter cope.


Help Your Daughter See Behind the Facade.

A lot of times, young girls will exhibit bad behavior because they think it will make them become popular or stay popular, but it’s really rooted in insecurity. If you help your daughter understand that girls aren’t mean because they’re brave, you can help instill in her that decency and kindness are far greater traits, which helps her to cope with other girls being mean to her as well.


Teach Her Real Traits of Friendship.

With younger girls, they don’t have the experience within relationships to understand what friendship really is. Sometimes, a precedent has been set, but it’s not always the correct one. Teach your daughter what real friendship is like so that she can form authentic, long-lasting friendships that will build her up.


Encourage Her to Be the Influencer in the Group.

While it can be difficult for girls to stand out of the shadows from some naturally-made leaders, if your daughter doesn’t like the type of behavior that her friends are displaying, encourage her to step out and become the leader. The kind of traits she can help influence her friends to exhibit are those of kindness and accountability.


There are many ways you can encourage your daughter to rise above the negative friendships and stand on her own. We definitely like to see all of our students, male and female, be empowered by kindness and thoughtfulness of others. If you’re interested in attending Lake Forrest Prep, an Orlando private school, please contact us through our website to schedule a school tour.

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