Encouraging Girls to Love Science

Although more females have access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) oriented education and studies, there is still a steady decline across the board in the number of women who are in those majors, which is at around only 30 percent. While scientists have no conclusive evidence as to why this is, some questions surround whether this is due to girls being encouraged to have an interest in other things besides those subjects at a young age. In order to encourage your daughter to love science, here are three tips from Lake Forrest Prep, the best private school in Orlando.


  1. Expose your daughter to STEM. As educators, we understand how important it is to create an inviting and accepting environment to girls who show interest in math and science. As long as young boys and girls are both equally encouraged to pursue their interest in science or math, those with an earnest interest and talent will be able to develop their skills further. As parents, continue this interest into the household as well.
  2. Get your daughter involved in the community. Is your daughter showing an interest in science? Try signing her up for a conference so she can be inspired by her peers and potentially meet a mentor. Expanding Your Horizons is a great conference that includes fun activities that encourage girls to improve their science and math skills. You could also sign her up for Girl Scouts of America USA since they have started focusing more on introducing young girls to male-dominated careers. If you can’t find a conference or club near you, consider creating your own!
  3. Serve as a mentor. Find your daughter someone who can mentor and encourage her by showing her the ropes within STEM fields. It can be a teacher, a professional, or even yourself as a parent. As long as someone is there to encourage and keep her interest strong, she will blossom into the field.  


The expansion of math and science fields makes it more important than ever to encourage girl’s interest in math and science. Expose, encourage, and mentor your daughter, and she will be sure to at least have a deep appreciation for both math and science. At Lake Forrest Prep, the best private school in Orlando, we know how important it is to encourage our young girls to be the best in whatever they want to!

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