5 Apps to Enhance Your Child’s Education

With so many children having an iPad or tablet of some sort, it creates the perfect opportunity for parents to install some apps on there that are educational and can help complement their children’s education. Private school in Orlando, Lake Forrest Prep, has a list of five apps that we think can help take your child’s education to the next level.

  • Khan Academy (Free): The creators of this app say “Khan Academy allows you to learn almost anything for free.” With more than 3,000 videos on a multitude of topics, there is a video for every child to learn something from. Topics range from physics, multiplication, finance, history, and English, and this app can be used by students, teachers, AND parents.
  • TapQuiz Maps World Edition (Free): If you have children who are learning about the countries of the world, this interactive and fun app allows them to explore Earth’s countries. The questions appear right on the country and the app also keeps track of their score so that progress can be calculated.
  • PBS Parents Play & Learn HD (Free): This is PBS’ first app that was specifically designed for parents. This app offers more than twelve games that parents can play alongside their children, and each one is themed around a familiar location, such a trip to the grocery store, or cooking in the kitchen, and more.
  • POETRY from the Poetry Foundation (Free): This app was nominated for a WEBBY award, given to those achieving excellence on the web, allows its users to access thousands of classic and contemporary poems at the touch of a finger. From William Shakespeare to Shel Silverstein, this app by the Poetry Foundation allows children to have a mobile poetry library.
  • SlateMath for Kids (Free): This app helps children to develop their mathematical skills through an interactive platform that they actually consider fun! With over 30 different activities, this app helps to prepare children for kindergarten and first-grade math.

Lake Forrest Prep, a private school in Orlando, hopes that you have your children download some of these apps to help enhance their education. What apps do your children use for educational purposes? Please comment here so other parents have even more apps they can add to their child’s app library.

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