Kinesthetic Learners: How Best to Study

Not all students fully absorb and understand lessons by listening to a lecture or watching the teacher. In fact, many of us are kinesthetic learners, though we may not realize it. Kinesthetic learners are those who learn through physical activities. Lake Forrest Prep is a private school in Orlando that encourages these type of learners to find the best way to study for all subjects.


  • Create Charts and Diagrams: By having the student in your life create a structure for their notes, it will help them comprehend the information and easily recognize patterns. For example, flowcharts and graphs are a visual alternative to outlining the notes. Get creative and use materials like different colored Post-it notes to create the charts.
  • Take Breaks: Because kinesthetic learners can’t sit still and focus for long periods of time, taking breaks is important. Short, but frequent breaks will help you stay focused and alert when you go back to studying.
  • Combining Studying with Activities: Retaining information is easiest when activities are being carried out. Students can go for a walk while listening to an audio recording is one effective example.
  • Keep Your Fingers Busy: Kinesthetic learners tend to use their fingers as they study. For instance, these students usually trace words or re-write sentences to learn certain facts or important information. A useful method would be to have him or her type the notes out on a laptop to engage the fingers in all studies.

We are a private school in Orlando that understands students all have different studying techniques that work best for them. If you think the student in your life is a kinesthetic learner, try one of these methods to enhance their studying.

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