Alternative Methods for Effective Studying

Skimming through your textbook endlessly is something we’ve all done. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour or so on the same chapter, without having absorbed any information. Unfortunately, we tend to do this when we have no set direction or approach to studying. Orlando private school, Lake Forrest Prep, would like to help students get their heads back in the game by sharing effective methods for studying.


  • Repetition: When you’re taking several classes, chances are you’re going to have homework and tests back to back often. Memorizing new terms and lessons is important, but it can be dreadful. Try repeating each new material or term three times to get it to stick.
  • Method of Loci: This method utilizes the information you already know well in order to remember new information. You take part of your notes, study them, and once you’re confident with it, move on to the next set of notes.
  • Draw Notes: Go beyond the usual by focusing on visuals and creativity. Drawing answers and taking notes with the aid of illustrations is a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding.

Not everyone has the same set of study skills, but putting effort into finding the right one is essential. Changes won’t occur overnight, but when you incorporate these three methods into your daily studying, improvements are inevitable. Lake Forrest Prep is an Orlando private school that encourages all students to push themselves to succeed. For any questions or concerns, please call 407-331-5144, or contact us online.

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